Who is this?

Mike is an avid learner of life and a professional coach. He helps people build on their natural style, strengths, and personality.

Born and raised in Zhejiang, he moved to Hong Kong and later North America for education. The traditional Chinese upbringing and overseas experiences have given him a unique, global perspective with strong cultural agility.

Articulate, approachable, and trustworthy, people often comment they feel more confident, engaged and energized, with a renewed sense of purpose after working with Mike. They also gain a set of practical tools and techniques to help positively influence outcomes.

Whether you are an organization, start-up, team manager or a teenage, Mike can help you take full advantage of your strengths and support you achieving your goals and dreams.

Mike has been partnering with Gallup to offer pro bono coaching to untapped communities since 2016. The approach is human centered, technology enabled with the purpose of nurturing the extraordinary in everyone.

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